Build your dream team
with the best in tech talent

Building an on-demand high-performing team tailor-made
for your requirement has never been easier.
With a personalized, high-touch model, TaAp Exchange provides
a hassle-free, fast, and flexible process to hire tech talent.

Right talent,
right now!

The team at TaAp Exchange has already put in effort
worth thousands of hours to validate, screen, and
segregate the tech talent according to their skills.
This means you save up on the time needed to make the right choice.

From evaluation to contract in just 48 hours

Wide pool of the
best pre-vetted talent

Building an on-demand high-performing team tailor-made
for your requirement has never been easier.
With a personalized, high-touch model, TaAp Exchange provides
a hassle-free, fast, and flexible process to hire tech talent.

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Personalized for you, assisted by AI

Get truly personalized support at each step of hiring with are technology advisors and dedicated SPOCs. We also use tools powered by advanced AI and ML to give you personalized recommendations and find the best matches.

We help you source, screen, interview, select, and onboard the best talent, hassle-free.

More reliability. Less risk. (Reliability . Risk )

Unlike most talent platforms that provide on-demand tech talent, TaAp does not offer freelance talent. Instead, we aggregate talent from top product engineering companies.

  • You get talent that comes with more reliability, accountability, and stability.
  • What’s more, we take the risk out of talent hiring by offering a risk-free trial period.
  • Our assigned SPOC makes sure you receive full support from evaluation to procurement.
  • Flexible hiring - hire full-time, part-time, or hourly.
  • Scale up or scale down as needed. We don’t charge for contract termination.

How to get top tech talent, on demand, within 48 hours?

Build high-performing teams on demand in 3 simple steps.


TaAp Exchange


TaAp Exchange


Step 1
Get on a discovery call with the director of engineering to understand your required skills and hiring objectives.
Step 2
Get instant recommendations for the best-matched talent with records of initial screening and coding test scores. Kickstart the evaluation process and get all the support you need.
Step 3
Conduct Interviews and live coding tests with the shortlisted candidates and onboard the selected candidate in less than 48 hours.

We sow, so you can reap all the benefits.

We go through thousands of applications as part of our 3-Stage Validation Process to make sure we offer only the very best in tech talent. We have already put in hours of effort in validating the product engineering companies, pre-vetting the talent employed with them, and assessing the candidates.

  • We have already spent over 8,000 hours to create a pool of 60,000 pre-vetted tech profiles and we continue to add in more effort to maintain and increase the pool.
  • We assess at least 100 candidates before recommending the best matches.
  • On average, our technical advisors spend more than 7.5 hours on screening and shortlisting per hire.
  • Our technical team spends an average of over 4 hours on interviews and quality checks per hire.
  • We carry out a 4-layer technical screening which is in line with FAANG standards for technical recruitment.

The benefits you reap...

Save time on hiring
Save time on
Get a high interview-to-hire ratio
Get a high interview-to-hire
Improved ROI on hiring by getting the best-suited talent
Improved ROI on hiring by
getting the best-suited talent


A No. We provide on-demand talent, but they are not freelancers. Instead, we aggregate the best engineers and developers on the payroll of top product engineering companies that have been in the business for at least 2 years.

A For one, we don’t provide freelancers. Thus, we don’t expose our clients to problems such as the freelancer leaving the project midway, over-commitment, poor availability, low work quality, etc.
Secondly, we provide truly personalized support during every stage of tech hiring. In fact, we act as an extension of your talent scouting team. So, we also share the responsibility to hire the right talent. Our dedicated SPOC and technical advisors are available to answer all your questions and give you a hassle-free hiring experience.

A The product engineering companies that we work with are located in emerging economies. Since they price their services based on the cost of living index in their country/city, we get a cost advantage for aggregating talent for them. We pass this advantage to you by providing top talent at competitive prices while still ensuring that the talent is paid fair wages.
The lower costs in no way indicate lower quality since we take care of this aspect in our talent screening process. The pre-vetted candidates come with skills at par with global standards.

A We use a 3-Stage Validation process to screen the product engineering companies that we onboard on the platform and to vet the talent profiles on their payroll. We carry out automated as well as manual checks during the validation process.
Our coding tests and interview processes are aligned with the FAANG tests. These tests are really tough and make sure we offer only the best talent to our clients. We also share the test scores with you when we recommend the best-matched profiles.

A List down the comparison sheet with the cost of the talent by country and our cost.

A We offer a risk-free trial period so that you can hire with complete peace of mind.

A Yes, we offer refunds in the unlikely event that you don’t find the services satisfactory. All you need to do is drop us an email or contact us by phone and one of our colleagues will assist you with the refund process.