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TaAp Exchange started as a boutique recruitment agency to create a unified platform for all tech talent needs for startups, SMBs, and enterprises. A simple concept of connecting top talent with companies evolved into a robust platform focused on high quality and an exceptional customer experience.

Software engineers are a valuable resource, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for tech recruiters to find the right talent at the right time and cost.

Our strength in technology recruiting and staffing lies in our cutting-edge tech, exclusive network, sourcing expertise, flexible talent solutions, and an intelligent process that helps us leverage a cost benefit that we pass on to our clients.

With a commitment to high quality, exceptional customer experience, and transparent pricing, we aim to disrupt traditional hiring and lead technology transformation in IT staffing and recruitment.

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As a startup founder working with enterprise clients, I was aware of the challenges in talent sourcing. I had experienced first-hand the struggles of finding the right technical resources and saw how exorbitant IT staffing and recruitment costs affect an organization’s ability to find the right skills in the market.

The gap between the demand and availability of technical skills is widening and significantly hinders innovation and digital transformation. With a vision to bridge this gap, we founded TaAp Exchange.

My team and I have brainstormed and worked really hard to develop a platform that makes tech talent acquisition hassle-free. We have drawn from our challenges to make TaAp Exchange a no-risk platform that promises a superior and personalized customer experience.

I sincerely hope that we can address all your technology needs.

Varun Mahajan
Varun Mahajan
Founder, TaAp Exchange

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The TaAp Exchange Journey

How a powerful idea led us to an impactful platform

As a tech startup founder, Varun experienced first-hand the challenges in talent hiring

Ventured into staffing and recruitment, and further dug into the struggles of finding the right talent

Partnered with IT services vendors and introduced a strong validation process to only work with the best companies in the industry

Built strong technical, recruitment teams and collaborated with MAANG experts to create a bespoke assessment framework

Continued to brainstorm, learned from mistakes, incorporated feedback, and fine-tuned the processes for IT recruitment and staffing. Introduced two innovative methodologies in addition to supplying Trained Freshers On-demand – Recruit-a-thons and Qualified Talent as a Service (QTaaS). Helped 100+ clients build powerful tech teams and counting

The team

A vision comes true only when it is fuelled by passion and hard work. The core team behind TaAp Exchange has worked hard combining their individual strengths, insights, and passions to create the recruitment model that you see today.

Varun Mahajan
Varun Mahajan
CEO & Founder
Tarun Mahajan
Tarun Mahajan
Chief Digital Officer
Samarth Gupta
Samarth Gupta
Chief Experience Officer

The cause we
believe in

We believe that giving back to the society is not just our duty but a vital responsibility. TaAp Exchange pledges 5% of our revenue, time, and resources to a cause that is very close to our hearts – education and healthcare for underprivileged children in rural India. If you would like to contribute to this cause, please join our initiative.

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