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Build your desired talent pipeline of software engineers exactly matching your budget, skills and experience within 10 days while saving up to 80% on traditional recruitment fees.

Average cost to hire
Cost savings with TaAp Exchange
6 Months
Average time to hire
1 Month
Time savings with TaAp Exchange

The New-Age Tech Recruitment Solution Designed To Say Goodbye To All Your Hiring Problems

QTaaS is short for Qualified Talent as a Service. Our 3-stage hiring process will ensure you only build a pipeline of talent that exactly matches your budgets and must-have skill criteria within 10 days while saving up to 80 % cost per hire.


TaAp Exchange


TaAp Exchange



Assessment Criteria

We understand your must-have skills and assessment criteria in great detail to design a world-class sourcing and screening process.



Along with our own ready-to-be-deployed talent pool, we source talent from more than 15 other sources within 48 hrs.



With state-of-the-art recruiting systems, screening and assessments customized as per your needs, a technical recruiter adds the best-matched developers to your candidate pipeline within 5 days.

A Built For You Pipeline Of Silicon Valley-Caliber Talent

The Preferred hiring model for Enterprises and Start-ups

Fastest Way To Build A Qualified Pipeline

Quickly build a pipeline of software engineers with the best-matched skills, experience, and budget within 10 days

Strong Network Of 800,000 + Software Engineers

Source from a vast verified pool of software engineers available immediately for deployment

Flexible Talent Sourcing Engagements

Get the talent your business needs—full-time, part-time, freelance or on contract basis

State-of-the-art Recruitment Tech

Get matched with top talent using cutting-edge machine learning technology

Real Support From Real Tech Recruiters

Get customized assessments designed by the industry’s top technology recruiters as per your needs

Claim Your Free First Hire NOW

It’s risk-free. Book a call with our recruitment experts now to discuss and determine which package would perfectly suit your needs and claim your free first hire NOW.

How Do We Ensure That You Get The Top 1% Talent Every Time?

All candidates go through a rigorous screening, assessment, and validation process before they are added to your pipeline.

Qualified Talent
Qualified Talent

Double your pipeline, halve your effort with TaAp Exchange

Without Qualified Talent As A Service

With Qualified Talent As A Service

Could take up to 3 months to build a qualified candidate pipeline

Start hiring in less than 10 days for full-time engagements

Difficult to source quality candidates on contract-to-hire basis even with the help of staffing agencies

Source contract-to-hire developers within 72 hours from a network of top product engineering companies

Tech hiring is expensive when outsourcing to software recruitment agencies

Guaranteed saving of up to 80% compared to traditional software recruitment agencies

Limited screening and assessment support from IT recruitment agencies

Fully screened candidates through bespoke assessments designed by MAANG experts

Extremely difficult for IT recruiters to source developers with niche skills

A tailor-made pipeline of candidates with niche skills, desired experience, and budget

13:1 interview to hire ratio
3:1 interview to hire ratio

Why Other Successful Tech Companies Love TaAp Exchange

Java, Shopify

I recommend TaAp Exchange for hiring software engineers. Our experience with them was excellent, and I would especially like to mention their communication and follow-ups, which helped us fill our positions quickly. We saved both time and money with their service. Very satisfied.

Jai Gupta, COO

Our search for an Android developer came to an end with the fantastic service provided by TaAp Exchange. Honestly, I wasn’t too optimistic about the new QTaaS service they provide, which is priced much lower than the market rate. What can I say – pleasantly surprised and very impressed!

Aditya Mittal, Director
True Habitat

I am highly impressed with how quickly TaAp Exchange sourced Salesforce developers on contract for us. The best part was that I could hire at a cost lower than my allotted budget. Their QTaaS model is truly unique and fast, too! Good job, guys!

Shyamrup Roy Choudhary, Founder & CEO
Odoo, React, Python
Durable Polymers – QTaaS

We were looking for a Shopify developer for our eCommerce store and a full-stack PHP developer. We were starting to get frustrated with the hiring challenges and then got in touch with Varun through a reference. I can’t believe we could send offer letters within 20 days after our meeting!

Sakshi Jain, CEO Durable Polymers
Odoo, React, Python
Isha – QTaaS

TaAp Exchange helped fill our open positions when we were finding it extremely difficult to source the right kind of talent for our platform development. We could onboard high-quality talent in no time with the recruit-a-thons while saving massively on recruiting costs. And the best thing was their personalized service.

Arumugavel Nagarajan, Project Manager

Building A Qualified Talent Pipeline Is No Longer A Pipe Dream

Whether you are looking to temporarily source skilled developers on contract or add full-time employees to your payroll, we’ve got you covered with our talent acquisition suite. Choose a sourcing plan that best suits your needs.

Free Basic Plan

Access to 5 developer profiles matching your desired experience, skills, and budget

Access to a specialized and skilled talent pool

Post your open positions and directly source candidates

Network with fellow recruiters and software engineers

Recruitment Plan

Pipeline of 10 pre-screened and assessed software engineers with best-matched experience, skills, and budget

Bespoke assessments and coding tests created by a MAANG expert

Dashboard access to candidate profiles with assessment reports, performance analytics and more

One-on-one help and personalized recommendations by a Director Of Engineering

Support with interview scheduling

Latest salary benchmarking report by tech stack and experience

Background screening checks of all candidates

Guaranteed sourcing within 10 days

Zero placement fee

Contract Hiring Plan

Pipeline of 10 prescreened and assessed software engineers with best-matched experience, skills, and budget sourced from top product engineering companies

Bespoke assessments and coding tests created by a MAANG expert

Dashboard access to candidate profiles with assessment reports, performance analytics and more

One-on-one help and personalized recommendations by a Director Of Engineering

Support with interview scheduling

Latest salary benchmarking report by tech stack and experience

Background screening checks of vendors and the talent sourced from the vendors

Guaranteed sourcing within 72 hours

No recurring cost


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Qualified Talent as a Service (QTaaS) is a service where TaAp Exchange provides you with a qualified talent pipeline for each open position. It is an affordable way to source pre-vetted candidates who match your budget and must-have requirements. Companies can evaluate these developers further and quickly select the best without paying a hiring success fee.

You can expect a qualified talent pipeline in a batch of 10 candidates for each open position. You can evaluate them and onboard the best-suited candidate for each post. You also get support from TaAp Exchange from evaluation to interview scheduling and onboarding.

Traditional recruitment services have high hiring success fees. You pay a hefty amount for each successful hire in proportion to the candidate’s annual CTC. With QTaaS, you only pay for a qualified talent pipeline with the assurance of a refund if you cannot find the desired Talent.

QTaaS can cost as low as $500 per open position. For more details on pricing, please get in touch with us at info@taapexchange.com.

We provide you with a qualified talent pipeline and support during the evaluation phase up to onboarding. On the off chance that you cannot select a suitable candidate from the qualified Talent, we offer a refund in proportion to the number of unfulfilled open positions.

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