Recruit-a-thon: Bulk Hiring Made Hassle-Free, Fast, and Reliable


50 Java developers of different skill levels for scaling development services

40 Python developers of different skill levels for scaling development services

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Varun Mahajan

Founder, TaAp Exchange

The Challenge

Recruiting resources was becoming a challenge for the client because of the following reasons.


The need to hire was urgent and the client did not have a large recruitment team for bulk hiring in a short time.


They were inundated with applications when the jobs were posted on job portals, and shortlisting the profiles was costing precious time.


With a historic low interview-to-hire rate, the company was skeptical whether they would find suitable resources.

The Solution

Since the client needed a high number of hirings in a short time, TaAp Exchange conducted a Recruit-a-thon over the course of a week to supply remote developers in contract-to-hire positions with the client.

Recruit-a-thon was a 5-day event organized both offline and online. The target was to get skilled resources suitable for all vacancies at the end of the 5-day event.

The groundwork

We combed through our wide network of technical talent to shortlist and contact candidates who were suitable for the job profiles. These candidates were invited to the Recruit-a-thon. Over 200 Java developers and over 90 Python developers registered for the Recruit-a-thon.

This activity was done in one week.

Day 1

All candidates were administered basic tests for English language skills and Critical Thinking abilities. As soon as these tests were completed, candidates were administered tests to measure technical skills. These were MCQ-based tests.

Day 2

Shortlisted candidates were given coding tests in simulated environments. Since the format was like a coding competition, candidates vied with each other to finish the tests with the least number of bugs and the least amount of time.

Day 3 and Day 4

All candidates, offline and online, were given a presentation by the TaAp Exchange CEO, explaining the company profile and the opportunities for growth. Post this, the interviews started. Since the number of candidates was high, interviews were conducted over two days.

Day 5

The HR team conducted document verification (experience letters, mark sheets, certificates, salary slips, etc.) and interviewed candidates for the final round to understand their expectations and goals.


Candidates were sent offer letters for contract-to-hire positions. The HR team at TaAp Exchange followed up with the candidates to understand the challenges if any and handed over the process to the client’s HR team.



The hiring process is a cumbersome affair that takes hundreds of man-hours. Since it was completely outsourced to TaAp Exchange, the client could onboard the right talent in record time and without any hassles.


The hiring process for the magnitude of hiring which usually takes anywhere between 3-4 months was completed in 2 weeks.


Both Java and Python skills are in short supply in the talent market. TaAp Exchange was able to provide good quality talent, duly evaluated.


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