Engaging the best talent is critical to the success of a project. It is also one of the most complex tasks, as many enterprises experience first-hand. 

At Talent Exchange, we simplify the process of getting the best talent for your business through our 3-stage talent validation process. Our comprehensive Validation Process cuts through the clutter to find the top 1% of eligible candidates.  

Why Talent Exchange?

Every talent agency worth their salt promises a vetting process to ensure you get the best resources for your business. Here’s why Talent Exchange is different.

Top 1% of tech talent

Finding the best of the best talent out there is our primary goal. To meet this goal, our Validation Process is a screening funnel through which only the best talent can pass. We set the standards for tech talent pretty high, ensuring that only the top 1% is shortlisted at the end of the Validation Process.

Talent from product engineering companies.

While most of the talent providers work with freelancers, we choose to work with established product engineering companies as our vendor partners. We get profiles of the top talent employed with these companies. This ensures more accountability and credibility

Right Talent every single time. 

At Talent Exchange, we do follow a standardized validation process. But though standard, our validation process is not a one-size-fits-all algorithm. Rather, it is a customizable process where our experts spend considerable time to understand your specific business requirements so that you don’t just get the best talent, but also the right talent for your tech needs.

Foolproof process that includes manual screening.

When we validate the talent for your needs, our screening process matches them with your tech needs as well as the cultural fit. We humanize the process of screening instead of just relying on automation which isn’t nearly as effective. Our process is powered by the best in AI & ML and is backed by the expertise of our technical consultants which makes it possible for us to sift through profiles and find only the best for our clients.

360-degree approach for Validation.

Our Validation and Interview process focuses on the technical capabilities of the talent. But it also makes sure you get candidates who fit perfectly with your work culture and can work well in a team setting. 

Hassle-free Scaling

We understand that our clients sometimes need to increase the number of resources working on a project at a short notice. Whether you need a ramp-up or a ramp-down, we provide you with the perfect talent solution for your project needs. 

Cost-effective talent solutions.

We source talent from top product engineering companies located in emerging countries. Since these companies price their services based on the expertise of the talent and the cost of living index of the city/country they are in, we get access to top talent at a lower cost. With skills and expertise at par with global standards, it allows us to make these resources available to our clients at much lower costs. 

Zero tolerance for sub-standard performance.

We take our jobs very seriously and we make sure that the vendors we work with and the candidates from the pool do the same. If at any point we find that the candidates are not performing well, we take appropriate actions to the extent of removing them from the talent pool. The same goes for discrepancies in the profile and actual skills.

We align your business goals with ours and leave no stone unturned to make sure you find the best resources. 

How do we get the top 1% of the Tech Talent?

Our interviews are tough. They have been carefully designed after going over the interview processes at MANGA companies. That’s the benchmark we have set for our process, and we have taken the interview process one notch higher by having an uncompromising stance when it comes to selecting the right candidates.

The proof of this is the high interview-to-hire ratio that we have had with our clients. The profile matching and intensive interview process make sure that you get top 1% of the tech talent that is just right for your business needs. 

Talent Exchange’s 3-stage Validation Process

Our Talent Validation is a comprehensive process that guarantees you the best of the best when it comes to tech talent. We understand that assessing technical skills and finding the right fit is not a straightforward task. 

That is why our Talent Validation is a comprehensive 3-stage process that is designed specifically to find the best of the best in the best when it comes to tech talent. The process values capabilities, work ethics, and experience. 

Our approach for Validation is customer-centric and our goal is to make sure we deliver the top 1% of the tech talent in the industry, every single time.  

Here’s how the Talent Exchange’s 3-stage Validation Process works.

Stage 1 – Vendor Validation 

We only work with handpicked, credible vendors and make sure to validate the credibility and capabilities before onboarding them to the Talent Exchange platform. The vendor repository consists of product engineering companies with a demonstrated track record.
Instead of working with independent freelancers, we choose to work with trusted product engineering companies. This gives us access to talent that has proven experience in working for enterprise clients and top brands. They are also experienced in working with co-located or remotely located teams. Having talent right from engineers to managers helps us provide comprehensive talent solutions.   

Prior to shortlisting, we also make sure that the vendor company meets the below mandatory criteria.

  1.  In-house employee strength of at least 500
  2.  Been in business for more than 2 years
  3.  Bench strength of at least 15%

After shortlisting vendors based on the above, we carry out further quality checks through the below steps.

  1.  Check that the core specialization is in any of the below:
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Emerging Tech
  • Web & Mobile Application

Based on the core specialization, further checks are carried out to verify capabilities.

Once we are satisfied on the technical front, we carry out stringent compliance and background checks that include:

  1. Details about previous projects
  2. Legal compliance checks
  3. Employee reviews
  4. Client references

After the Vendor Validation, the vendor is onboarded on the Talent Exchange platform and becomes a part of our vendor repository.

Stage 2 – Automated Talent Validation

The problem with engaging talent today is not the dearth of it, but rather the abundance of it. To solve this problem, we use world-class tools powered by AI and ML that shortlist profiles.

Here’s how we make sure that the automated talent validation picks up the right talent profiles.

Creation of the Job Description

To get the requirement right, we take the Job Description (JD) from our clients. This typically consists of the technical qualifications, areas of expertise, and experience needed for the project.

In cases where the client does not have a clear idea about the type and number of resources needed, we provide consultation in the form of a Gap Assessment to help identify the gaps in the talent requirement and create the JD. Supplementary information such as cultural fit and industry expertise are also taken into account.

Software Validation

Once we are satisfied that the JD reflects everything that you need, we use an automated validation process to sift through the profiles of all the resources in our Vendor Repository. 

Our intelligent software that is powered by cutting-edge AI and ML goes through all the profiles and shortlists the top 20 resumes. These resumes are selected based on a complex algorithm that weighs the profiles based on the requirements as per the JD.

This helps you get instant recommendations on matching talent profiles. 

Stage 3 – Manual Talent Validation 

The Manual Talent Validation is to help our clients in the selection process. Our technology advisors work as an extension of your team to lead you through Talent Exchange and speed up the hiring process. 

This stage ensures there are no mismatches in the JD and talent solution offered. It is completed in three stages designed to get in-depth insights into each candidate’s profile. 

Validation by the CTA  

For this, our Chief Talent Advisor goes through the shortlisted profiles meticulously to see which of the shortlisted profiles match with the Job Description the best. This process also is a second filter to check for profiles who have the right exposure to be fit for the requirement. 10 profiles are shortlisted based on this validation.

Validation through technical assessments

The shortlisted profiles pass through another round of validation in the form of assessments. These online assessments are taken by the 10 shortlisted candidates.  Where applicable, a coding test is also carried out to gauge technical skills. 

We have the below assessments that we customize according to the JD. The assessments are divided into technical assessments and managerial/soft skills assessments.

Type A 

  1. Programming
  2. Application Development
  3. Enterprise Applications
  4. Quality Assurance and Engineering
  5. Emerging technologies and Digital Skills – AI, ML, Blockchain, Data Science, Data Analytics, and BI

Type B 

  1. Project Management
  2. Creativity and Innovation
  3. Communication and language skills.
  4. Problem-solving and critical thinking

All the above assessments are based on MANGA test standards and are designed to accurately assess the skills of the candidates. Once the scores of these tests are received, we move on to the next step. Only those who score high on these tests, demonstrating exceptional skills, are moved to the next step of validation.

Validation by the Tech Lead

Based on the results from the assessments, the Tech Lead selects 5 candidates for interviews. The Tech Leads are experienced personnel who have hands-on experience in working on tech projects. They are also trained in finer aspects such as soft skills, cultural sensitivities, and best practices in the work cultures globally. 

After a rigorous round of interviews, 3 top candidates are selected.

Talent Procurement within 48 hours

The profiles of the top 3 candidates are shared with the client. We also share the results from the assessment and coding test synopsis. 

The very detailed and methodical Validation Process ensures that our clients get the crème de la crème for their every talent requirement. They can further interview the top 3 candidates to select the best fit. 

We support the process from Evaluation of the talent to Procurement to speed up the process so our clients can get talent on board in just 48 hours!

Risk-free trial period

We have a high interview-to-hire ratio due to the high quality standards that we set for the talent and we are confident of providing the best match. However, to help our clients choose without any reservations, we also provide a risk-free trial period. 

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the top 3 talent profiles or are not happy with the hired candidates during the trial period, we send 3 more matching profiles within minutes. 


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