Top tech talent is always in demand. But finding the right talent for tech projects is a major challenge. The first aspect is to be able to find the right candidates. The second aspect is the cost attached to hiring the talent.

Since top talent gets picked up like hotcakes, it’s no surprise that getting the best people on your team comes with a hefty price tag.

It is often a standing joke that you can’t have both when it comes to tech talent – right expertise and reasonable costs. 

There are too many horror stories out there of freelance developers turning in shoddy work, stealing code, and disappearing without notice. Then there are the struggles of hiring in-house as candidates pull off a vanishing trick just when it’s time for onboarding. And of course, even once you start working with the selected candidates, it can often end in a disaster when the advertised and actual skills don’t match.

Talent Exchange is a platform set to change this. It is a platform that guarantees top tech talent at surprisingly low costs. Clients get access to the top 1% of tech talent at competitive prices. 

Why is Talent Exchange the right platform for engaging top talent?

Talent Exchange is a complete solution for enterprise talent needs. Our aim is to provide top talent and overcome the challenges that our clients face in engaging with the right talent.

Challenge #1 Hiring in-house is expensive

Hiring in-house is not always the best idea. The hiring, onboarding, taxes, and HR management costs eat into the profit margins. 

As large enterprise recruiters are well aware, hiring is no easy job. The hiring cycles are time-consuming and costly. Even if the right candidate is selected, candidates not joining on the agreed date is a frustrating possibility. If they do join, the onboarding and payroll take up further resources.

And of course, if you want to quickly ramp up or ramp down, in-house resources offer less flexibility. 

Challenge #2 Freelancers don’t provide the required stability

If you are not hiring in-house, working with freelancers seems like a cost-effective and flexible option. But it comes with its own set of problems. The common problem with freelancers is lack of reliability and stability. If they leave a critical project midway, there is little you can do to keep things moving. 

Talent Exchange provides candidates who are on the payroll of top product engineering companies. This brings more stability and accountability to the candidates who will work with you.

Challenge #3 Working with talent agencies has its own set of problems

Even if you work with top talent agencies such as Toptal or Topcoder, chances are it’s not a great experience either. First of all, these platforms work with freelancers, too. And while many might argue that you get access to top freelancers on these platforms, the fact remains that there is lesser control over the process once freelancers are involved. 

This is why we take shortlisting and screening the right talent very seriously. We work only with trusted product engineering companies with an established track record. These companies go through a strict validation process before onboarding on the Talent Exchange platform. Add to this our extensive screening process for the candidate profiles, and you get the top 1% of the best tech talent out there. Our high interview-to-hire ratio is testimony to the rigorous vetting process.

Challenge #4 Long hiring cycles hamper project deadlines

Finding the right candidates involves going through numerous applications and profiles, shortlisting, interviewing, etc. This can take weeks with no guarantee of actually being able to hire the right talent.

At Talent Exchange, we understand the importance of hiring the right talent, and hiring it fast! Our efficient process creates a Job Description within hours. The automated and manual screening processes quickly go over all the eligible profiles and you have the shortlisted 3 profiles for final interviews. With an interview to an onboarding timeline of just 72 hours, your projects no longer need to wait indefinitely for the right talent.

Challenge #5 Non-flexible contracts make projects suffer

For most enterprise clients, tech requirements change with business needs. With in-house hiring or talent agencies, catering to these changes becomes difficult. Talent Exchange provides more flexibility and scalability so that you can ramp up and ramp down easily. We have no contract termination costs so that our clients have the freedom to make business decisions that work for them.

Also, with a choice of plans such as part-time, full-time, or hourly engagements, you have better control over the talent engagement. 

Challenge #6 Talent engagement is difficult

Candidates that have the right experience, expertise, and cultural fit are difficult to find. To counter this, we have a large vendor repository of trusted product development companies with a combined talent pool of over 50,000 pre-vetted talent.  Our screening process is in line with the standards set by FAANG companies making our talent pool one of the most elite around the world with the top 1% of the globally available best talent.

Our global talent pool supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Arabic. With a personalized hiring experience and 24X7 dedicated support, you get the best value at Talent Exchange.   

Is Talent Exchange really more cost-effective?

Talent Exchange is undoubtedly more affordable compared to other providers in the same niche. For the quality of talent and the credibility that we bring to the table, our clients consistently get more value out of their investment. 

Our competitive pricing is the result of a lean structure, internal strategies, and an efficient process that keeps overhead costs to the bare minimum. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are the numbers to support our claim of being a more cost-effective and practical service provider.

At 30 USD an hour, Talent Exchange has the lowest hourly rate compared to IT outsourcing globally. 

Cost of hiring In-house vs hiring via Talent Exchange

The average annual cost of hiring a developer through Talent Exchange is just 57,600 USD. This is much less compared to hiring in-house, no matter where in the world you are located. If you are in the USA or Australia, you are probably looking at paying twice as much! Even in countries with lesser average salaries, you will be saving at least about 20,000 USD per year per developer if you choose to use Talent Exchange instead of hiring in-house.

Here are some average salaries of developers from across the world.

Cost of hiring via Talent Exchange vs hiring via other agencies

Talent Exchange has an elite talent pool of over 50,000 experienced developers who are on the payroll of established product engineering companies around the world. 

Top talent agencies such as Toptal, Topcoder, and work exclusively with freelancers. Notwithstanding the risks of working with freelancers, the rates of hiring on thesethis platforms are also quite high. The rates range from 60 USD to 200 USD per hour.

As opposed to this, Talent Exchange has hourly rates starting from just 30 USD. Our average hourly rates are between 30 USD to 75 USD. This makes us the most affordable talent platform with the added benefit of working with talent that is significantly more stable and trustworthy. Now, that’s affordability and value at the same time. 

360-degree benefits with Talent Exchange

Talent Exchange provides complete solutions for every talent need. Here is a summary of the benefits of Talent Exchange.

1. Access to top 1% of tech talent 

  1. Pre-vetted tech talent pool of over 50,000
  2. Reliable and trustworthy candidates
  3. Rigorous interview process before shortlisting
  4. Risk-free trial period
  5. Secure talent engagement where you hold all IP rights
  6. Flexible pricing structure
  7. Easy ramp up and ramp down – no contract termination costs
  8. Transparent and quick hiring process
  9. Talent solutions for big as well as small projects
  10. Last, but definitely not the least, all of the above benefits at competitive pricing.
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