In spite of React, JSX, and ES6 gaining importance, PHP continues to dominate the web development space. According to W3Techs, PHP is used by 77.9% of all websites with a known server-side programming language. Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Wikipedia, all use PHP. The newer versions of PHP also provide improved performance making it a preferred choice for building websites and web applications.  

Due to the extensive usage of PHP and its adaptable nature, PHP developers are always in demand. In 2019, there were over 6 million PHP developers in the world according to The Register. However, this number is made up of proficient PHP developers as well as amateurs. And this is one of the reasons why in spite of the high numbers, finding suitable developers is a challenge for recruiters.

This guide is to help you find the best offshore PHP developers for your project requirements.

What should you look for in PHP developers?

Consider the below factors to evaluate PHP developers for your project.


Certifications cannot always be a determiner in assessing PHP skills since most PHP developers are self-taught and their experience and practical knowledge are the best measures of their skills. However, certifications formalize their knowledge and show a degree of commitment towards learning new skills. 

The bottom line is that even if certifications are not mandatory, they can be desirable. Below are some of the basic PHP certifications.

  • Zend PHP 7 Certification
  • Zend Framework 2 Certification
  • PHP Certification for Symfony
  • PHP Certification for Laravel 

Previous experience

This is a good way to assess the capabilities of the developer and also compare against your project requirements. Check for experience while shortlisting resumes based on the below pointers.

  • The version of PHP used in previous projects
  • The PHP framework(s) used
  • Previous project size
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) worked on
  • Exposure to microservices and high network projects

Apart from this, during the interview, you can ask questions to get more insights into the below aspects.

  • The approach used by the developer to complete a project
  • Understanding the level of interest the developer has in emerging tech
  • Testing and debugging knowledge through practical scenarios
  • The PHP design patterns the candidates have worked with
  • Personal achievements in PHP development

Technical skills

Technical skills should be assessed through interview questions as well as practical coding tests. 

Look for the below technical skills for an entry-level or junior-level PHP developer.

  • Web development knowledge
  • Client-side and server-side scripting
  • Building lightweight and secure web applications
  • Knowledge of PHP libraries
  • Data modeling
  • Basic concepts such as polymorphism and MVC

Look for the below technical skills for a senior-level PHP developer.

  • Create and work on functional designs
  • Advanced object oriented programming
  • Knowledge of other programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Sufficient knowledge to handle databases 
  • Knowledge of tools such as Composer, PSR, PHPUnit
  • Exposure to frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend
  • Regression testing and unit testing skills
  • Should be able to write reusable code
  • Ability to solve designing issues
  • PHP best practices and design patterns

Soft skills

Apart from the hard technical skills, you also should assess developers based on the below soft skills.

Critical thinking

A PHP developer can come across several unexpected issues during development. Debugging and fixing the issues need critical thinking and problem-solving abilities along with technical expertise. In order to choose the best-suited solution for an issue after analyzing the overall impact, you need a developer with decent critical thinking ability.

Communication skills

A PHP developer needs to liaise with front-end developers, the web development team, the design team, etc. Being able to communicate well with different teams naturally becomes the desired quality. 

Quick learner

A PHP developer needs to have knowledge of several other peripheral technologies and software. You need someone who is a quick learner and can grasp new technologies faster. Since business requirements can sometimes be complex, hiring a developer who can understand the requirements and handle the core functionality should be preferred.

Can you find good PHP developers offshore?

PHP development is very well-suited for remote teams. It involves several rules-based tasks such as creating scripts, report maintenance, testing software against client requirements, file management, etc. These tasks require high attention to detail, but this is something you can comfortably delegate to offshore developers.

You can find great offshore PHP developers, provided you know where to look and what exactly to look for. 59% of global companies hire offshore developers to get skilled talent.

When domestic talent becomes hard to find or when hiring in-house becomes expensive, hiring offshore opens up a world of possibilities. The offshore pool of developers is very diverse and you can find highly skilled candidates that can bring value to your projects. 

Hiring offshore PHP developers on TaAp Exchange

TaAp Exchange offers pre-vetted PHP developers that are on the payroll of top product engineering companies. These developers are highly skilled as validated through a 3-stage process that filters out low-quality resources. 

The screening process validates talent based on technical skills, soft skills, and experience. The coding tests and evaluation process at TaAp Exchange are based on the MAANG standards for technical evaluation. This ensures that only the very best candidates qualify for the PHP developers’ pool. 

Apart from curating the best PHP developers, we go one step ahead and also provide complete personalized assistance in choosing the right talent.

To give personalized recommendations for your specific requirements, we use sophisticated tools powered by AI & ML. Our technology experts and advisors also provide one-on-one assistance for evaluation. We help you identify the skills needed and provide support for interviews. 

From evaluation to procurement, you can get top PHP developers within just 48 hours. 

How much can you save hiring offshore PHP developers? 

PHP developers are highly paid in the global markets. One of the reasons why companies prefer offshore PHP developers is the reduced costs. Tech talent is very expensive and by hiring offshore, you can reduce costs not just on salaries but also on other expenses such as office spaces, HR functions, taxes, etc. 

If you were to look at average salaries for PHP developers in major countries, they are quite high as the table below shows.

USA 86,000
Switzerland 95,900
Canada 78,000
Israel 57,000
UK 62,000
Australia 75,000
Germany 55,000
Netherlands 48,000
France 50,000

Compared to this, when you hire offshore PHP developers on TaAp Exchange, you can choose top-quality developers starting at just $42,500. You also get the flexibility to hire full-time, part-time, or on an hourly basis, based on your requirements. A transparent pricing structure ensures you always get the best value for money. 

Other benefits such as personalized assistance, risk-free trial periods, easy scaling, and 24X7 support make TaAp Exchange a very lucrative platform for hiring PHP developers. You can also get a free Gap Assessment from technology experts to identify and articulate your tech needs accurately. 

Contact TaAp Exchange for a hassle-free hiring experience and onboard skilled PHP developers within 48 hours. 

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