Cotton Cleaning System

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Machinery Up-Gradation

Smart PIV system

Smart PIV system is an another milestone in up-gradation of Open-End machines
which uses state-of-the-art technologies for the maximum return of your investment.

Unique benefits of Smart PIV System:

  • 10 to 30% increase in machine efficiency

  • Power Saving: 1.50 to 2.50 units per hour in case of BDRN/RC & LR M1/2 models.

  • 2.00 to 3.00 units per hour in case of BDSN/SD models

  • 3.5% to below 2% drop in count CV%, without auto leveling in drawing.

  • Considerable reduction of thin places and TPI

  • 30% reduction in warping beakages.

  • Total maintenanace free

  • Flexible, easy to operate and reliable working

  • Reduced machine down-time and maintenance cost

Unique features of Smart PIV System:

  • Direct reading of count (Ne) and stroke (Delivery/min)

  • Direct replacement for existing mechanical PIV and monitor

  • Maintains constant count irrespective of variations in rotor speed

  • Automatic correction of count and stroke (Delivery)

  • PC interface

  • Monitoring of Rotor speed, Draft, TPM, Feed rate and machine run time

  • Suitable for models of: BDRN/RC, BD200/200SN, BDA10N/20N, BDSD, BDD1, BD903 & LRM1/2

Spin Soft-XT

Optimum Utilization of your Spinning frames

  • A Universal Speed Controller suitable for AC Drives (Inverter) and all types of SPEED VARIATORS like SHEAVE PULLEY, CONE DRUM PULLEY, VARIABLE PITCH SHEAVEs (VPS), etc...

  • Multiple steps of speeds and programmable accelarations, reduce the end breaks and increase the production.

  • The closed loop control system always monitors the sets speed and maintains constant speed during the time of power fluctuations.

  • It has all features like three types of speed profile (Length, Time & percentage based) and production data's like Spindle speed, Front roller speed, TPM, TPI, Hanks, Doffs, Stoppages and can be interfaced through RS 485.

  • TPI Controller - optional for LR G5/1 Spinning frame.

  • Production Gain : 4 % to 6 %

  • Reduction of end breaks and pneumofil waste:8% to 10%

  • Better Unit / Kg

Smart Spin

A Dedicated PLC for G5/1 Spinning Frame

  • Upgradation of LR G5/1 machine to the improved performance in-terms of production & quality which is equal & still better than latest machines available in the market

  • Machine down time and frequent maintainences will be reduced due to comber - some components are removed from the panel.

  • Better utilization and monitoring due to highly protective stoppage reasons with reports.

  • Digital TPI Controller.

  • Snarl breaks can be minimized due to digital delay drafting timer.

  • Steps controller ( Lengths / Time / Percentage based ).

  • Production monitoring.

  • Up-graded pnuematic controls.

  • PC interface for production management.

  • Optimum utilization of resources.

  • Better communication between man and machine.

  • Higher reliablity.

Card Commander

Individual doffer drive system

  • Smooth acceleration of the doffer reduces the CV% of the Sliver at initial stage

  • Doffer speed can be individually increased or decreased depands upon the nature of the material - processed

  • AC Drive eliminates Doffer Gear Box, Transfer shaft, entire pneumatic kit and other connected mechanisms

  • Individual AC Doffer drive system reduces the strain of the main motor

  • Card Commander panel eliminates all control contactors, timers, rapid relays etc...

  • Trouble shouting by means of indications.

Digital Conti-Feed System

Unique Advantages


    As there is no stop and restart of flow of material, Consistency of CV is maintained thereby reducing the strain of subsequent processing machines.


    Due to continues flow the material, changes of variation of hanks are reduced


    Unlike in existing system, non-uniform flow of fiber is completely eliminated and our system improves the efficiency of the cards with increased production

  • Unique Feature:

    Beside eliminating the system of frequent re-setting of material flow at the time of stoppage of one(or) two cards, our system is - unique in nature - maintaining the consistency of rate of flow, irrespective of number of cards in running condition

Positioning of Digital Conti-Feed System


Minicon Plus

  • length in Meters (Pre & Final Selection)

  • Hanks

  • Delivery Rate in m/m

  • Machine Run Time

  • No.of Doffs

  • Spindle Speed

  • TPI

  • TPM

  • Pre-Doff Indication

  • Diamensional advantage for direct replacement to any OEM meters

Smart Way PLC

  • Designed & Embedded to use Specific Application

  • Stoppage Reasons

  • User friendly & maintenance free

  • Very low failure rate

  • Energy saving mode (optional)

  • Motor thermister and over load Protection

  • Zero maintenance cost

Digital Speed Governor for Blow

Room and Carding

  • Essential when the material choking takes-place in Blowroom line and Licker-in zone in carding machine

  • Set RPM and running RPM can digitaly be viewed

Our entire stop motions are latest IR and CMOS based Technology which will not be interrupted by day light. More over, custom-built and tailer-made solutions are part of our endeavors.

Blow Room Photocell

Carding Photocell

Double Lap Stopmotion

Analog Speed Governor

Photomaster/Roving StopmotionPhotomaster/Roving Stopmotion

Draw frame Photocell

Flats Moving Controller

  • Material choking between flats and wires can be avoided

  • Occational whreas it leads to heavy losses by wire-damage, if occured

Thermister Protection nit

  • Finds the direct replacement in Trumac Carding Machine