The complete process of cop sorting is automated, avoiding manpower and possible errors.Potential to save 9 to 12 people per day, for a 25000 spindle mill (30s/40s Nec) with 8 or 9 Automatic winders

  • Sorts cops of 2 different colours

  • Segregates cops with remnant yarn or mixed colours, if any

  • Aligns to one uniform direction – cop tip to base

  • Arranges pre-determined number of sorted and aligned cops into each set of crates.

  • A crate manager has space to store 10 empty crates and 10 filling-in / filled crates.

  • The filled in crates are automatically moved out and empty crates take the position to collect the sorted cops

  • The only manual function is to replenish the empty crates magazine and transport the filled crates (with sorted cops) periodically.

Auto Cone Pack

Auto Cone-Packing fully Integrated with the Mill Information System

  • Automatic wrapping of cones

  • Grouping in columns and rows – for placing inside the Carton or Pallet in each row.

  • Carton – of different sizes to suit varying no. of cones and weights

  • Printing on the Carton / Bag – with bar code as an option

  • Integrated to the Mill Information System – ERP for auto generation of Invoice / Packing list / Tracking system / Inventory


  • Packing quality: uniform and consistent

  • Avoid errors and mix ups

  • Enables tracking in case of complaints / verification

  • Integrated information system (Production, Inventory / Warehouse , Dispatch & Sales )

  • Saving manpower


Ring Spinning

  • Individual Spindle – End Breaks, Speed – Outliers
    Production, Power – including UKG Preparatory – Production, Power Utilities – Power

  • Each individual spindle, machine and utility power points are monitored continuously for deviations. The integrated information help mills optimize the resources – Power, Manpower, Material and Machine conditions.



  • Visible indication of End break (types) at the machine side and corners as well as the central LCD display, enables worker to attend on need basis instead of continuous patrolling causing avoidable fatigue. Higher productivity, Convenient, Lesser work load, Enables flexible and Scientific work allocation.


  • Action based on authentic and timely data helps achieve

  • Set targets and work towards continuous improvement

  • Maximize production

  • Minimize input cost

Bale Press

Fully automatic baling of multiple types of fibres without manpower* The BALExpress can be suitably configured for existing and new mills


To name a few of BALEXPRESS’s Applications we present the following

  • Ring Spinning – Waste collection and Baling

  • Fibre Recovery Plants

  • Fibre Dyeing Plants


  • Bele Wight – 100, 150 and 175Kg

  • Silos – at Floor Level or above the Conveyor

  • Automatic collection of fibres from the compactor to Silos(One for each type of fibre)

  • Automatic regulation of different types of fibre from respective Silo to the BALExpres through conveyor

  • Automatic lifting of the press box (no doors) on reaching the pre set Bale weight

  • Automatic Ejection of the strapped Bale

  • Strapping is the only manual function