Habasit is the largest manufacturer of synthetic sandwich spindle tapes in the world. Habasit spindle tapes have been setting the benchmarks for spindle tapes for decades, and are in demand by customers all around the world. They are OEM supplier to all major manufacturers of the world. Habasit also offers Polyester spindle tape which helps customer save energy as well.


Habasit is the leading belt manufacturer worldwide offering a complete product range for all applications in the short and long staple as well as in the man made fibre industry

Habasit has developed an extensive variety of different power transmission belts that allow the customer to choose the most suitablebelt for their specific application requirements. Special focus of all developments is on increased service life, higher reliability reduced energy consumption and improved price/value ratio.

We offer three different traction layer materials, used by three different belt concepts, for open drive, tangential drive, multiple pulley drive, live roller drive, and double-sided power transmission. Our Power Transmission Belts find Wide Usage in Spinning , Texturising , Twisting , Doubling and Open End Machines

In summary

  • Polyester belts - the versatile types
  • Polyamide - the hard-working belts
  • Aramide - the sophisticated belts

Conveyor Belts

Habasit conveyor and processing belts offer a large variety of application-driven cover materials and surface structures in several industry-suitable colors. The materials and designs are selected to cope with a broad range of application requirements, including resistance to wear or chemical agents, and to high or low temperatures. Furthermore, they maintain excellent stress-strain behavior through the use of carefully selected tension members.

While the term "conveyor belt" is used for belts that convey goods from one point to another, the name "processing belts" is used for belts that also fulfill key functions in the manufacturing process. Typical examples of processing belts include printing blankets for textile printing, or prepress belts in particle board production.

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